Orthopedic Surgery Specialist

Orthopedic Surgery Specialist

Orthopedic Surgery services offered in Fair Lawn, NJ

If you have ongoing pain, a musculoskeletal injury, or degenerative disease and need treatment, turn to Alliance Spine Associates, LLC in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. The orthopedic specialists perform advanced orthopedic surgeries to restore joint structures and function, reducing pain. Call the office to schedule an evaluation or book one online today.

Orthopedic Surgery Q & A

What is orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery includes procedures designed to remove, replace, or repair damaged musculoskeletal tissues, including bones, muscles, joints, cartilage, and ligaments. The Alliance Spine Associates, LLC team consists of skilled orthopedic surgeons with many years of experience. 

Why might I need orthopedic surgery?

The Alliance Spine Associates, LLC providers could recommend orthopedic surgery if you struggle with pain caused by:

  • Arthritis
  • Age-related wear
  • Sports injuries
  • Fractures
  • Severe sprains
  • Tendon or ligament injuries
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Meniscal tears and ACL injuries
  • Spine pain
  • Herniated discs
  • Car accident injuries
  • Narrowed spinal canal (spinal stenosis)
  • Curvature of the spine (scoliosis)

The main benefit of orthopedic surgery is improvements in bone or soft-tissue structure and function and pain reduction. If nonsurgical options haven’t relieved your discomfort, mobility problems, or poor range of motion, surgery could be your best option.

What are some examples of orthopedic surgery?

Alliance Spine Associates, LLC offers several orthopedic surgery options, including:

  • Spine surgery
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Lumbar decompression surgery
  • Meniscal or ACL repair
  • Joint repair, reconstruction, or replacement
  • Spinal cord stimulator placement

Your orthopedic specialist reviews your symptoms, lifestyle, and medical history to determine which surgery is best for you. They check your vital signs, complete a physical exam, and could order blood tests, nerve tests, and an imaging procedure (X-rays, an MRI, a CT scan).

How should I prepare for my procedure?

To prepare for orthopedic surgery, follow your surgeon’s instructions. Don’t smoke, stop taking any medications your provider asks you to, and avoid foods and drinks the morning of surgery. Arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and stay with you if needed.

What should I expect during orthopedic surgery?

After general anesthesia is administered, the doctor will make tiny incisions to remove, repair, reconstruct, or replace damaged tissues before closing the incisions and taking you to a recovery area. 

What happens after the procedure?

Depending on which kind of orthopedic surgery you undergo, you might be able to go home the same day or the day after the procedure.

Follow your instructions after surgery by taking medications as directed, icing the treatment area, and avoiding strenuous activity until your surgeon permits. Attend all follow-up appointments and physical therapy sessions.

Call the office today or use the online scheduler to learn more about orthopedic surgery at Alliance Spine Associates, LLC and determine which procedure would be right for you.